Dynamic Mooring System

Shipyard Rotterdam works closely with ShoreTension BV. With our expertise, we manufacture or assemble newly conceived ideas and participate in this process. At Shipyard Rotterdam we assemble the cylinders, produce and develop certain parts ourselves. One of these parts is the data-communication unit which is put on top of the cylinders. It enables us to read the pressure, the tonnage, the nitrogen pressure, and the outside temperature from a distance, making it possible to keep an eye on the cylinders all over the world. The accessories of the ShoreTension are also constructed at Shipyard Rotterdam, e.g. the sheaves and the reels, all certified by Lloyds.

Data communication board

At Shipyard Rotterdam we produce and develop certain parts for the ShoreTension ourselves. For instance, the data communication board. This board allows you to read all kinds of information from a distance at any place in the world.

Shoretension container

At Shipyard Rotterdam we developed a container with charging station