KRVE Fleet

About the shipyard

Crew Tender

This crew tender has been built for the KRVE. It is a 10.5 m aluminium tender with a 13.5 litres SFM 85 Tier III John Deere motor, which can reach up to a speed of 33 knots by means of a waterjet (Rolls-Royce). The fender is Poly-Marine’s. It is a specially designed fender which considerably reduces damage to the hull at mooring.

Mooring launch

This is a 10.5 m steel mooring launch, which is the most frequently used type of launch, of the KRVE. During the last couple of years this type has been improved on, for safety reasons. A few of these improvements include a self-designed hydraulic rope clamp, drainage gutters and automatic valves. These launches are now being built according to the NEN 519 standard.